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Chicago, Illinois

Debbi Brady
General Manager

Phone: +1(708)485-3900
Location: 9425 W. Ogden Ave.
Brookfield, IL 60513

When traveling to Chicago everyone knows they can find some of the country’s best pizza, sausage and beef. Its historic role in the cattle industry as a stockyard and beef processing hub as well as its proximity to the breadbasket of the Midwest has traditionally lumped Chicago cuisine squarely in the meat and potatoes camp. However, Chicago also hosts a wide variety of ethnic food stores and eateries, most notably Mexican, Polish, Italian, Greek, Indian/Pakistani and Asian, often clustered in ethnic neighborhoods. “With our regional menu we are attempting to show another side of the foods and flavors available here. Chicago has always been a city with a rich and diverse ethnic history and the items on this menu are a sample of dishes inspired by different cuisines and flavors available here.” Debbie Brady, General Manager. Serving K06C, KARR, KDPA, KENW, KGYY, KIGQ, KLOT, KMDW, KORD, KPWK, KUGN
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